Marraweeny Olives

Organic, irrigated & locally grown olives from the Strathbogie ranges.

Marraweeny Olives is a small organic olive grove of about 1,000 trees, grown, picked and pruned by Dijana Cane and family.

Situated high in the picturesque Strathbogie Ranges, Marraweeny olive trees benefit from a cool climate. They grow several olive varieties; Frantoio and Picual trees produce a well-balanced oil with a touch of pepper; while Manzanillo, Kalamata and Frantoio trees produce table olives with an excellent texture and fully developed flavour.

Marraweeny Olives have deliberately chosen to remain a small operation focussing on high quality, environmentally friendly production. As a result, all of their fruit, for both table olives and oil, are hand-picked and each tree is individually pruned to ensure the best possible product.

Marraweeny Olives is a NASAA Certified Organic business. In addition, their grove is unirrigated, rain water naturally allowing their olives to develop a fuller flavour.

After picking, Marraweeny Olive oil is processed by a NASAA certified processor, while their table olives are prepared on site in brine without any unnecessary additives.


93 Meadows Lane
Marraweeney, VIC 3669
0421 136 192
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