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As a massage therapist of 18 years, I have used many heat packs to assist warming areas of the body during treatment of clients.  Over the past 16 years I have been using a cherry stone heat pack which I have found to not only retain it’s heat for longer, but a more robust product and more hygienic with a washable cover.  

Knowing how good the cherry stone heat packs are as an alternative to wheat or rice heat packs, I began seeking out suppliers of the cherry stones to produce my own packs.

I have locally sourced cherry stones from Victoria as well as Young in NSW.  These are sewn in to a cotton insert and then covered with a cotton, or polycotton washable cover, which are beautifully made by a local seamstress.

One of the best things about cherry stones is that they are lightweight, which enables them to contour to the shape of the body very easily.  They also retain heat extremely well and have been known to still supply soothing warmth after 40 minutes of use. These are the two main reasons they are the preferred heat packs for my treatment rooms.

The history of the cherry stones as a heat pack is thought to have dated back to the Austrians who when making cherry liquor would reserve the stones and place them into a hessian fabric.  These would be kept close to a furnace and warmed throughout the day. At the end of the day the hessian fabric would then be rolled up and placed around the workers shoulders for the walk home.  Simple but very effective.

The heat pack I use in my clinic is 16 years old and still going strong.  My passion for this product is based around not only using a product that is normally discarded and considered “waste” but knowing how fantastic these cherry stone packs work to soothe muscles.






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